Dyno Dynamics

4 Wheel Rolling Road
Riverside Racing Dyno Dynamics Services

RSR offers a professional range of Dyno Services, via our in-house installed 2700hp Dyno Dynamics  4 Wheel drive Rolling Road, one of the latest Rolling Road’s released from Dyno Dynamics, an industry leading and recognised chassis dynamometer manufacturer.

Housed in our purpose built cell, the Rolling Road features the very latest hardware and software tools, allowing the most precise monitoring to be made whilst vehicles are tested and tuned. A clean and safe environment is achieved by the powerful extraction system. An elevated Rolling Road Setup allows superior vehicle strapping procedures, where even the most powerful of cars can be securely and safely positioned on the Dyno. Front and Rear Tramp Bars allow maximum security of vehicle where required. With extra long loading ramps, we are able to easily load even the lowest of race cars onto the dyno without any issues.

Our dyno was updated with the very latest software from dyno dynamics in august 2012 and we can now log and monitor almost every sensor input and data stream that the ecu processes via our dyno software …intake air temp, throttle position, ignition advance, air flow, fuel trims, calculated load, injector duty cycle, knock sensors, pump and rail pressures etc.

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